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Environmentally friendly plasticizer 18-70Y

Product Description
This product is prepared from imported food grade vegetable oil (palm oil) fat as raw material, is a universal non-ferrous environmental protection plasticizer, has passed ROHS, REACH, certification. Compared with other plasticizers, they have the following characteristics:
1.  Product color is good, products feel good, suitable for all kinds of PVC colored products processing.
2.  Good compatibility with PVC, more than 30% of the main plasticizer, and a higher proportion of replacement with DOP, DBP and D OTP.
3.  The product freezing point is low, which does not affect the normal use in winter.
4.  Products have good thermal stability, stable performance, and are suitable for the processing requirements of different downstream customers.
5.  The product plasticizer efficiency is good, and the use effect is better with the main plasticizer (such as DOP, DBP, DOTP, etc.).
6. Product cost-effective, in the premise of ensuring product quality, is the first choice for customers to reduce costs.
Widely used in a variety of PVC nonferrous products processing industries, such as hose, carpet, floor mat, wire and cable, artificial leather, pressure rolling film plastic, rubber runway, rubber shoes, rain shoes, labor (medical) gloves and conveyor belt and other industries.
Product performance indicators:

product model 18-70Y
Chromaticity (platinum-cobalt color number) 100-250
Acid value (mgKOH / g) ≤ 0.3
Heating reduction (125℃, 2 hours) ≤ 0.2
Kinematic viscosity (cst, 40℃) ≤ 50
Density (20℃, g / cm³) 1.09-1.12
flash point (℃) 180


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