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Sodium sulfate is a salt produced by the combination of sulfate and sodium ion, the chemical formula is Na2SO4, sodium sulfate is soluble in water, its solution is mostly neutral, soluble in glycerol and insoluble in ethanol. Inorganic compound, high purity, fine granular anhydrous called Yuanming powder. Yuanming powder, white, odorless, bitter crystal or powder, hygroscopic. The appearance is colorless, transparent, large crystals or small granular crystals. Sodium sulfate violence
Dew in the air easy to absorb water, produce sodium sulfate, also known as nitrate, alkaline.
1.For the preparation of sodium sulfide, pulp, glass, water glass, enamel, also used as a laxative and barium salt poisoning
antidote. It is with salt and sulfuri c acid manufacture of hydrochloric acid by-product.
2. Chemical used in the manufacture of sodium sulfide, sodium silicate. 
3. Laboratory used to wash the barium salt. Industry used to making caustic so da and Sulfuric acid , also used for paper, glass,
printing and dyeing, synthetic fibers, leather etc..
4. In organic synthesis in the laboratory of sodium sulfate is one of the most ommonly used after processing desiccant.

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