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Sodium hydrosulfide

Sodium hydride, is an inorganic compound, chemical formula for NAHS, yellow sheet and liquid, soluble in water and alcohol, in the dye industry for the synthesis of organic intermediates and preparation of sulfide dye additives, peeling and tanning in tanning industry, in fertilizer industry for the removal of activated carbon desulfurization agent monomer sulfur, in the mining industry in copper processing, in artificial fiber production for sulfite dyeing, etc.
1. Dye industry is used for the synthesis of organic body and the preparation of sulfide dye additives leather industry, skin, hair removal, tanning and wastewater treatment.
2. Chemical fertilizer industry is used in stripping activated carbon desulfurizer monomer sulfur to make ammonium sulfide and pesticide ethylene thiol semi-finished raw material mining
3. Industry is widely used in man-made fiber production and sulfite acid staining in copper mineral processing.

Industrial wastewater treatment

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